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Canoga Park High School Green Learning Garden

Vision fοr a sustainable series οf connected learning gardens, simulated work spaces, аnd consequence spaces. Includes teaching exhibits, Sky Bridge, Dream Wall, & Dedication Wall; Rose Garden; Broadcast Entrance & Lighting; Reachable & Raised Planters; BBQ Area, Facade, & Parking; Solar Array; Discovery & Learning Ring, аnd Outdoor Classroom; Frame; Rain-forest Garden; Amphitheater; Waterfalls; Greenhouses, […]

Milking Goats by Hand – How-To at Blue Rock Station Green Living Center

Just how do you milk a goat (properly) in a family homestead environment? A quick “how to” from the folks at Blue Rock Station – a sustainable homestead where Annie & Jay Warmke live in the Earthship they built, trying to demonstrate how to live lightly on the earth.

A cool change in urban ‘green’ living

A cool change in urban ‘green’ living As concern for the environment grows, people have been called to action on many levels – in their personal lives, in the workplace and in their social groups. Read more on Malaya

How do I go about a “green living”?

I admit I havent been into the “green” lifestyle. I would like to try and be a more environmentally friendly person. How would I go about starting? Any tips or advice?

Gardening tips on keeping your lawn green and saving water at the same time?

How to practice Living Green ?

Green Living has been an interest of mine for quite some time and need more information. I have researched it and just can’t seem to find a sight or book that can explain in simple terms the purpose, how to begin, what it is and how to make it a part of life. I live […]

GREEN LIVING Energy rebate program returns this spring

GREEN LIVING Energy rebate program returns this spring For those looking to get serious about energy efficiency, certain prospects — like installing solar panels or buying brand-new appliances — can be financially daunting. Read more on Telluride Daily Planet

What are some magazines related to “green living” in Chicago-land area?

Looking for magazines produced in the Chicago-land area catering to “green living” ideas & products. Also looking for a magazine that publishes any “green” fairs, shows, product or business promotion. (networking platforms/websites)

Green living?

What are some websites that I can go to that show how to go to green living.