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2014 Season update

An update on this year’s growing season. So exactly how has this season been? ‘Compromise’ is most likely the best way to characterize it however that might be a little unfair as it’s not me who is tasting the produce, its the wife and little-ens! So here are our thoughts:

· Sweetcorn– In spite of keeping them in pots for much longer than I was supposed to, they recuperated swiftly and presented us with a fantastic harvest. I planted them with Courgettes and I must say that decision was the right one. No supplemental feeding was necessary and the fallen leaves covered the soil and resulted in the entire bed staying free of weeds all summer season.
· Potatoes: I opted for Second Earlies this season – after 2013’s blight problem, I have definitely learnt how to counter blight. Kestrel were planted in two beds and they grew very well. We currently have approximately 20kg for us to consume still, so I’m fairly delighted with how they all ended up.
· Onions: The Japanese Onions come out ok. The Spring onions were so-so.
· Courgettes: These did really well this season. We are actually still downing them even now! These will certainly return in 2014, I’m sure of it.
· Tomatoes: These took ages to come through this season and when they did they were second best. Perhaps excessively hot weather in July was a problem for them – I’m not sure.
· Cucumbers: These performed as well as the tomatoes really. These guys have their very own greenhouse so the environment is slightly different but fruiting was simply lacking this season. We ate a few of the large cucumbers and they were delicious but I’m overall disappointed with the yield.

So just what should I plant next year? I’m certainly going to go with Potatoes and Sweetcorn as well as Courgettes, and also all the greenhouse/conservatory crops from this season. But I think I will give Leeks and Carrots a go next season, and maybe a couple of other suprises too. I will have to have a good think about just what else to plant, but for now, it’s just a case of putting the beds to rest with some home made compost and beginning some Leeks to overwinter them in the conservatory. Stay tuned for an update soon!

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