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Fluorescent Grow Lighting

Standard fluorescent light bulbs are one of the most cost-effective options if you’re planning to make use of grow lamps. They can be utilized in low-cost store light fixtures or multitier growing setups, and they come in a range of different shapes and sizes. The light generated by fluorescent tubes is a lot less powerful compared to various other lighting options, so you are much more restricted in just what you are able to grow. If you’re simply attempting to add to natural illumination as opposed to completely substituting it, fluorescent illumination might be the thing for you. Fluorescent tubes can be found in cool, warm, or full-spectrum. Illumination from cool tubes has a blue hue, while warm tubes give off a pink/white light. Full-spectrum tubes approximate the color scheme of natural sunlight and are a little bit more pricey however gardeners tend to consider them worth the cost because the shade of the light does not distort the appearance of your plants. Much less light is given off from the ends of the fluorescent tubes compared to the middle, so plants with reduced light requirements need to be positioned under the 3 inches of tube at either side of the light fixture. Alternatively Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFL grow lights can be used as one would use a regular incandescent bulb, although the overall area covered by the light will be much reduced. In fact different types of fluorescent lights can be mixed and matched to optimize growing conditions. Fluorescent tubes must be changed every 18 months if they are being utilized for around 16 hrs each day.

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