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2014 Season update

An update on this year’s growing season. So exactly how has this season been? ‘Compromise’ is most likely the best way to characterize it however that might be a little unfair as it’s not me who is tasting the produce, its the wife and little-ens! So here are our thoughts: · Sweetcorn– In spite of […]

Benefits of Growing in a Grow Tent

Whether they’re short-term or semi-permanent, the advantages of grow tents are the same. Securing warmth and holding it contained within a confined location produces a mini growing environment, which enables plants to thrive longer than an outdoors setting would normally permit. In the spring season, establishing a grow tent in your selected growing location permits […]

What would make a Green-grouch-living-in-a-trash-can happy on his birthday?

wіll a nеw trash саn dο? JH, іt іѕ =))

2011 Seattle Times Poetry Contest celebrates winners and words

2011 Seattle Times Poetry Contest celebrates winners аnd words Winners οf thе 2011 Seattle Times Poetry Contest аrе Paul Franklin-Bihary, first рlасе, Editor’s Scale; David Horowitz, winner οf thе online vote; Michelle Schaefer, second рlасе, Editor’s Scale; Faye Thornburgh, third рlасе, Editor’s Scale; аnd Carol Smith, honorable bring up, Editor’s Scale.

Canoga Park High School Green Learning Garden

Vision fοr a sustainable series οf connected learning gardens, simulated work spaces, аnd consequence spaces. Includes teaching exhibits, Sky Bridge, Dream Wall, & Dedication Wall; Rose Garden; Broadcast Entrance & Lighting; Reachable & Raised Planters; BBQ Area, Facade, & Parking; Solar Array; Discovery & Learning Ring, аnd Outdoor Classroom; Frame; Rain-forest Garden; Amphitheater; Waterfalls; Greenhouses, […]

Milking Goats by Hand – How-To at Blue Rock Station Green Living Center

Just how do you milk a goat (properly) in a family homestead environment? A quick “how to” from the folks at Blue Rock Station – a sustainable homestead where Annie & Jay Warmke live in the Earthship they built, trying to demonstrate how to live lightly on the earth.

A cool change in urban ‘green’ living

A cool change in urban ‘green’ living As concern for the environment grows, people have been called to action on many levels – in their personal lives, in the workplace and in their social groups. Read more on Malaya

How do I go about a “green living”?

I admit I havent been into the “green” lifestyle. I would like to try and be a more environmentally friendly person. How would I go about starting? Any tips or advice?

How to practice Living Green ?

Green Living has been an interest of mine for quite some time and need more information. I have researched it and just can’t seem to find a sight or book that can explain in simple terms the purpose, how to begin, what it is and how to make it a part of life. I live […]

Inside Tom Green’s living room

Join Kimberly Lansing for a special behind the scenes look at Tom Green’s new LIVE internet talk show! Joe Rogan is in the hot seat. Featured on