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Opinions on New Bedding?

I am 18 and still live with my parents and my mom has offered to buy me a new bed and desk(new bed becuase im getting a bigger mattress and a new desk becuase they dropped mine in the process of the move).My room is going to be very contemporary with the main colors being black and green and all the hardware being chrome.I wanted to get new bedding that wasa little bit more grown- up as well as wanted to pick bedding I can take with me in a few years.Below I pasted what the bed Im getting looks like as well as my top four choices of bedding.Please rate each bedding choice on first how it would look with my bed and secondly how it would look a few years from now in an apartment.Thanks very much for your time.
bed :
bedding #1 :
bedding #2 :
bedding #3 :
bedding #4 :

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